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Managementul Calitatii Apei in Rezervoare
Many water storage facilities struggle with maintaining water quality within the storage vessel. Varying flow rates, stagnant zones and inconsistent chemical feed lead to poor water quality. Problems include temperature stratification, stagnation, and blending of different water qualities. The Tank Shark solves all of these problems with the simplest, most reliable and efficient process available.
  • Thermal Stratification
  • Nitrification
  • Low Residual
  • Pumps within the Reservoir
  • Electrical within the Reservoir
  • Tank Penetrations
  • Moving Parts
  • Downtime
  • Real Time Residual Information
  • Rechlorination Capability
  • All NSF Approved Materials
  • Constant Residual
  • Guaranteed Performance
The Tank Shark maintains complete mixing of the tank while generating real time water samples and automatic chlorine or chloramine injection to the desired levels. The Tank Shark accomplishes all of this without placing any mechanical or electrical equipment inside your water storage vessel. This allows for easy installation, operation and maintenance. With the exception of the chemicals to be injected, there are minimal costs associated with The Tank Shark operation.